Survey results in the Peel Region show that the crimes of most concern for businesses are break-ins, thefts, frauds and cyber frauds. Listed below are various security techniques to help you make your business safer.

  • It is important to examine your property for obvious risk factors to make your property safe. Keep in mind that the most secure property is a property that doesn’t attract criminals.
  • CPTED is based on the simple theory that a proper design and an effective use of the physical environment can help reduce the number of crimes.
  • The most effective way to prevent theft is to remove the opportunity for the crime to take place.
  • The risk of robbery increases for businesses that handle cash, operate for extended hours or handle high value merchandise.
  • This program works by identifying a prominent window that strategically overlooks the cash handling area. It then defines and highlights that window by applying the CLEAR ZONE decal. This deters robbers by allowing potential witnesses to see the crime taking place. The CLEAR ZONE decal can be ordered as part of the Robbery Prevention and Survival Kit, for free.
  • Operation Provident is a program designed to discourage the theft of valuables by letting potential thieves know that all valuables inside are marked with a unique nine-digit number. The number significantly increases the criminal’s risk of getting caught with the stolen goods. Once any item is recovered from anywhere in Canada, we can return the stolen property to the owner.
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