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NDP Leader Andrea Horwath – ISNA Townhall

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is actively campaigning throughout Ontario through large meetings, corner meetings and townhalls. ISNA, the largest Muslim association in North America arranged a townhall with Andrea to answer questions from public. Almost all the NDP candidates running in Mississauga and Brampton were in attendance.

Liberal MP Shafqat Ali, toilet incident

A conservative MP pointed out in the house session on Monday that MP Shafqat Ali kept the camera on when he was on the Zoom link and the house was on session. Later the MP apologized for the behavior and the speaker closed the chapter.

Liberal Candidate Bob Gordanier of Caledon

Bob Gordanier, a 73 years old, resident of Orangeville, a retired farmer, s police officer and a firefighter secured the nomination from Liberal Party of Canada to run in Dufferin-Caledon riding. Bob brings hope for those who thing the age matters and feel energyless when thinking about doing things what the people do normally including running for a public...

Patrick Brown Skips the First Debate Appeared in 2nd

Present Mayor of the City of Brampton and Conservative Party of Canada leadership contender did not attend the debate, hosted by the Canada Strong and Free Network. The main question in the debate was why Conservatives lost last elections. The contenders went on and argued on many other issues. Brown on the other hand focused on making contacts with...

Elizabeth Mendes Hosts a Fundraiser Dinner

Mississauga Lakeshore Liberal Candidate Elizabeth Mendes hosts a fundraiser in a local restaurant with some honorable guests like former Finance Minister Charles Sausa, Ward 5 Councilor Carolyn Parrish, Ward 11 Councilor George Carlson and many more. Elizabeth grew up in Mississauga-Lakeshore and has extensive work and community experience. She and her husband Jeremy are proud parents of Emma.  Elizabeth knows...

Mississauga Lakeshore Race Becomes Interesting

None of the Above Party (NOTA) that believes in direct democracy is getting momentum and has won the confidence of some influential celebrities including Brian Crombie, who has accepted nomination to gun against incumbent Rudy Cuzzetto and Liberal Candidate Elizabeth Mendes. NOTA's founder Greg Vezina is also running in Mississauga Centre. NOTA has filled about 60% slots and hoping...

Liberal and NDP enters into coalition

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh have agreed to run a coalition government. This agreement would last till 2025 elections provided both support each other. This is a shift of Prime Minister's original idea to run the government without the support of anyone. The last elections did in fact told all the parties to set aside...

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly visits Ukrainian Embassy

In her Twitter message foreign affairs minister Melanie Joly noted, "I visited the team at the Ukrainian Embassy in Ottawa to express my solidarity with them and their loved ones. Now, more than ever, Canada stands with them." Canada is imposing tough sanctions on Russia.

Russian President Putin Attacks Ukraine

This morning, Russian forces fired missiles at several Ukrainian cities and landed troops on its south coast, officials and media said, after President Vladimir Putin authorized what he called a special military operation in the east. US and the world would impose sanctions on Russia, but that will not replace suffering and loss of lives. When would we become...

Councilor found Scratching Colleague’s car, mistake?

Mississauga Councilor is asked to take leave of absence. Last year one of his colleague's car was scratched many times and on the colleague's request the security was alerted confidentially. Councilors car are parked in a reserved area and it was unlikely that anyone else could do except a fellow councilor. One day councilor Ron Starr was caught on...




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