Monday, 113 millions comes to Mississauga from Ottawa as Federal Housing Accelerator Fund to help the city to expedite housing construction. The City knows how to speedup the creation of new homes and that’s where the money would be going, not to the actual cost of making homes nor it will help to reduce the cost of the homes. The idea is that more supply would reduce the cost.

Minister Valdez said on her Tweeter (X) handle, “It single-handedly represents the largest investment any level of government ever made in housing in Mississauga.” Concurrently, Prime Minister Trudeau said this on his Tweeter handle, “News from Mississauga: We’re fast-tracking the construction of more than 3,000 homes over the next three years-and more than 35,200 over the next ten years. Find out how we’re building more homes, faster: www,


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