By: Staff Reporter

Brampton Mayor Brown had a press conference and told the press that Brampton has done very well and attracted 2.2 billion dollars worth of corporate investment. Brampton, in the coming years would have a Medical University that would be first in GTA in over 100 years. Brampton is also adding a brand-new hospital with independent cancer treatment facility.

Talking about the crimes he said that 135 new uniformed police officers have been appointed to deal with theft and break-ins and other crimes. “Of course, the public safety concerns that alarm residents across GTA.”, he said.

Talking about the abuse of 911 emergency deployment system he said that 40% of the calls the system is getting are not on emergency matters and that delays the genuine emergency action the system is designed for. And he said that he is going to penalize those who would make calls that are not of emergency nature to serve the citizens better in his approach.

He also pointed out car theft, extortion and break-ins and told the reporters that he would deal with it on zero tolerance manner. On car thefts he said, “If you eliminate the ability to get Canadian vehicles to foreign markets then it’s no longer going to be a revenue tool and what shocked me about this crisis when I learnt it is now third largest revenue tool in Canada for organized crimes, guns, drugs and auto theft”.


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