“Today at the Region of Peel we had a lengthy discussion about regional governance and the Deloitte Report that was commissioned without Regional Council’s knowledge or endorsement.

Mississauga Councillors supported a unanimous resolution at Regional Council that reflected the following:

  1. The Deloitte study was flawed and that it cannot be relied upon for decision making;
  2. That the Region of Peel, along with Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga work together to draft a terms of reference for a new study that will look at the full financial picture of what it would mean to dissolve the Region of Peel, amalgamate the three municipalities and keep the Region as it currently exists. The starting point for this review will NOT be that the Region will continue to exist, as was the assumption made in the Deloitte Report;
  3. That that full amounts paid by each municipality to the Region annually, and since the Region was created in 1974, be compiled; and
  4. That a truly independent audit firm, one that does not do business with any of the 4 municipalities of the Region of Peel, be hired to do the analysis.

This discussion should have taken place in January when the Region first commissioned in secret, reports totalling $325,000 without informing Council. This analysis will finally be a true representation of the facts as all member municipalities of the Region of Peel will work together to set the terms and the scope of work. I look forward to the full results of this analysis in May.

In the meantime, Mississauga Council remains committed to our position in principle that separating from the Region of Peel is in the best interest of the City and its residents. At a fundamental level, the regional model in Peel is broken and needs to be fixed. Mississauga must be able to control our own affairs and make our own decisions without asking permission from Brampton and Caledon.

As the 3rd largest City in Ontario and 6th in Canada, it’s time.”


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