The City of Brampton will hold training sessions for fireworks vendors on September 14 and 28 at 6 pm at the Fire Life Safety Education Building, 225 Central Park Drive, Brampton. This training is mandatory for vendors who plan to sell fireworks for Diwali, New Year’s Eve, Victoria Day or Canada Day. Completion of this course is compulsory before vendors can be licensed to sell.

The training is held on four dates a year, in spring and fall, and will cover the types of fireworks allowed for sale, rules for storing, displaying and selling, customer ID requirements and safety guidelines for distribution to buyers.

Brampton Fire and Emergency Services, along with By-law Enforcement staff, will be conducting the courses. Vendors are required to attend at least one of the course sessions each year if they wish to be licensed to sell fireworks in Brampton.

Course registration  
• Course registration must be made in person at the Fire Life Safety Education Centre, 225 Central Park Drive, telephone number 905.874.2740. The registration fee is $100.
• For vendors with multiple locations, at least one operator from each location is required to complete the course.
• A vendor’s application for a license to sell fireworks must be accompanied by a certificate of completion of the course.

New Fireworks and Licensing by-laws were approved by Council in 2016. The vendors’ course is a part of the City’s effort to enhance communication and enforcement of the revised by-laws.


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