MiWay service, along with GO Transit and TTC, is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, November 22 at Renforth Station, the final station along the Mississauga Transitway.

MiWay routes will be servicing the Renforth Station directly, via platforms inside the station, as well as an on-street bus bay on Commerce Boulevard. Below is a summary of major changes:

Route Service Change Summary
7 – Airport39 – Britannia Servicing the new Renforth Station
21 – Explorer24 – Northwest



Servicing a new on-street bus stop on Commerce Blvd. outside Renforth Station
107–Malton Express 109–Meadowvale Express Servicing the new Renforth Station on the Mississauga Transitway


Find your new bus stop at Renforth Station by clicking the terminal map image below:












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