BRAMPTON, ON – Brampton City Council today endorsed the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP) – a plan that will provide a framework for the delivery of parks and open space, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities and recreational programming and services for Brampton, over the next 15 years.

The PRMP not only builds upon Brampton’s rich legacy of parks, recreational and sport facilities and program delivery, it also offers recommendations along with a suggested time frame for its delivery.

As the City continues to build a future ready Brampton, the PRMP assesses Brampton’s changing population and its needs, evaluates existing parks, sports and recreation infrastructure, and also provides a financial plan to guide future decision-making. One of the key priorities in developing the PRMP was a focus on promoting health lifestyles for people and encouraging them to get more active.

Some of the recommendations in the PRMP over the next 15 years include:
• Construction of a multi-use community centre in Brampton West (west of Mississauga Road and north of Steeles).
• Development of a seniors’ centre to service Brampton East
• Strategically optimizing the City’s older and smaller community centres through redesign and redevelopment
• Adding more than 240 hectares of new parkland to the City’s inventory, guided by a Parkland Acquisition Strategy
• Developing a prioritized list of parks for redeveloped through a Parkland Renewal Plan
• Constructing a minimum of nine new ‘rectangular’ grass fields, one new artificial turf field and three new cricket pitches.
Multi-purpose trails/bike lanes (active transportation), arts and culture facilities and natural heritage lands were not formally part of the PRMP.

These topics are included in some of the other strategic master plans the City has or is working on:
• Environment Master Plan – Completed in 2014 and currently in implementation phase
• Active Transportation Master Plan –  Under Development
• Official Plan Review – Under Review
• Arts and Culture Master Plan – To be initiated in fall 2017. Will set the strategic direction for cultural development in Brampton and be a key component of the City’s comprehensive planning vision for growing an innovative, connected and dynamic urban city.
The PRMP was developed with the help of Monteith Brown Planning Consultants (lead) with Tucker-Reid & Associates and Swerhun Facilitation. The process included extensive public input that involved open houses, workshops, focus groups, interviews and online surveys.

Our new Parks and Recreation Master Plan reflects a new perspective that, I believe, will better serve our changing demographics and their varied needs. This Master Plan also helps define the City’s role in contributing to the health and wellness of our residents. Over time this will help us provide the most suitable parks and recreational facilities and programs in the right location, at the right scale to best meet the needs of our community.
– Mayor Linda Jeffrey

As we continue to build a future ready city, we need to be able to make choices based on how best to deliver the most value for our residents. The Parks and Recreation Master Plan provides a framework that will assist Council with making more informed decisions as we take stock of our infrastructure needs and provide recommendations for new or older facilities.
– ​Harry Schlange, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton


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