April 9 to 15 is 911 awareness week in Peel. During this week especially, we recognise the crucial work that 911 emergency communicators and services perform in our region and around the world. 911 connects residents to Paramedics, Police, and Fire when we need immediate help. They save lives every day.

  • Calling 911 only when someone needs immediate help from Fire, Police or Paramedics
  • Calling 211, 311, 811 or police non-emergency lines for other kinds of help
  • Locking your cell phone and not programming 911 into your phone
  • Teaching children how to use 911 correctly and how to recognise an emergency.

Don’t hang up!

If you call 911 accidentally, don’t panic and don’t hang up! Stay on the phone so the communicator knows you’re okay. If you hang up, the communicator will call you back and may send emergency services to your location.


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